Staff/Backbone Team

The Staff/Backbone Team is made up of a small, dedicated group of staff members who manage and facilitate the needs of the project in order for it to progress smoothly.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate the development of a conceptual approach for the landscape conservation design process
  • Collaborate, coordinate, and engage with key partners and stakeholders to ensure needs, interests, priorities and goals are met and are represented by and throughout the process
  • Share information with key teams and stakeholders throughout the process
  • Provide guidance and direction to develop a shared understanding of lessons learned and other models to inform the development of an optimal approach to the project
  • Lead the development of a project plan that represents the approved conceptual processes and interests of all involved and leads to financial support to implement the landscape conservation design

Leadership Team

The purpose of the Leadership Team is to act on behalf of the Core Team during the interim between Core Team meetings. They have the authority to make strategic and management decisions and ensure that the overall direction of the Core Team is carried out. The proposed Leadership Team is meant to provide strategic planning, operations guidance and real-time direction for the Backbone Organization.

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Core Team

The Core Team consists of a network of organizations and individuals who provide key input into needs and use of the project. The Core Team shapes the overall contours of the project and provides general guidance and support.

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  • Facilitator: Lisa DeBruyckere
  • Holly Freifeld (USFWS)
  • John Mankowski (NPLCC)
  • Ken Vance-Borland (Conservation Planning Institute)
  • Lauren Leuck (USACE)
  • Mike Mertens (Ecotrust)
  • Scott McEwen (PC Trask)
  • Tom Miewald (USFWS).

Technical Teams

Our Technical Teams are convened on an ad-hoc basis and made up of scientists who provide technical information and data to inform project goals.


Advisory Team:

  • Facilitator: Ken Vance-Borland
  • Ken Bierly (Bierly Consulting)
  • Brent Davies (Ecotrust)
  • Rebecca Flitcroft (USFS)
  • David Howe (Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife)
  • Carolyn Kelly (Quinault Tribe)
  • Dick Vanderschaaf (The Nature Conservancy of Oregon)

Stewardship Community

The Stewardship Community is the ultimate audience for this project. They are the users of the products we develop, and therefore provide essential feedback to the process.